A new application released in March 2016 on app store, google play and as an online application.
SeatsPlanet is a company based in Montreal Canada.
If now, on earth, all those good willing people are not carpooling on a daily base, it is because there are no proper tools for it.


This carpool project intended primarily to the sharing of small daily distances is both the result of an emotional commitment and compelling logic that can facilitate daily life. I think there is a great need for a network carpool for short distances; a seat reservation system where users have no choice but to take the road and can easily accept passengers with new technologies such as Google Maps, mobile applications and online transactions, it is now feasible.

SeatsPlanet this carpool booking system online or via its application can truly change everyday life. By sharing a car, users can make considerable savings. After all, why not enjoy not a seat available in the car of a district neighbor visiting the same place as you?

Thanks to its GPS system, it will be easy to find someone who offers a similar route to the one we take every day. Then, through the commitment and dedication of the users, SeatsPlanet could help reduce the number of cars on the road daily.

The ease of use of SeatsPlanet will fit any daily demand requiring to be scheduled or not. SeatsPlanet also seeks companies, and offers to leaders the creation of group of employees. This group service will allow employees of the different departments of the company to simplify their daily journeys between home and work.

I did not do this on my own. Along the way I met helpful people that provided me with amazing work. Thank you to my husband Marc for his support and creative ideas, Vlad Matteescu with the first wireframes, Diana Klimuk for legal advise, Shaheem Tahir at Cabot technologies for document preparation, Namik White for design and Patel and his team at Peerbits Solution. The Concise Software team lead by Krzysztof Kozyra did a fantastic job at completing the project. Also, thank you to Steph, Stephanie, Eve-Mare, Dina and Fabie at the hotel and Coralie, Matteo and Enzo, my kids for keeping me in the present moment.

So this is for all of you people on the planet who love to make projects that have positive consequences beyond their own existence.

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All users have to understand that being part of the project is also being responsible. Respect your bookings, remember to check ID before you get in the car, drive safely, be polite and rate honestly.

The best surveillance systems are the human beings.
That means that all of us must work together in order to maintain a good network.

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We want to implement this high level carpooling system anywhere it is needed in the world.

Building trust has to be done!
The road could be dangerous so we need to hold on to the good reputation of the network.
The daily implication of the large amounts
of users that will use the network properly is important.

Let's convince one by one
the most doubtful people about this project.
Let's show them that it is possible and that it can go well.