SeatsPlanet is the most affordable carpooling system designed to be used everyday by a massive amount of users. It is a seats reservation system. It costs no more than city transport and provides high quality service with extensive care on every aspect. Drivers will make extra money and passengers will save some. So SeatsPlanet is a peer to peer system to buy and sell empty car seats. Easily post or search for rides using google maps. Passengers select departure and destination and the system will find the best matches then simply choose the drivers they would like to have booking with. The system contacts them and the first to accept you is your ride! Then a backup driver is set as well, just in case. You can then manage your rides easily with the calendar page and communicate with users for details. Prices are determined by the system and all transactions are online. Please check ID before every ride and rate users to provide a very reliable and secure network.
Yes, SeatsPlanet will be publicly available on the website and all devices. The app is free. A support fee of 2% of your activity and credit cards transactions fees will be charged.
Yes, anybody, with or without a car. All users need to setup an account with a credit card under their name.
Yes, but you need an invitation to be part of a group. The power of SeatsPlanet is the ability to create groups for your organization. So you could search or be searched by the members of that group only. The list of the groups you are part of will be displayed on your public profile.
Absolutely, a user can buy rides as a passenger or post rides as a driver using the same account. As a passenger, you can buy a ride to get to your destination on time and as a driver, you get to earn some extra money on your commute.
Both! SeatsPlanet is designed to remove the hassle of commuting for daily life. It frees up time while ensuring that you reach any local destination, be it your workplace, home, or daycare center on time. But could be used for travel as well!
Yes. Passengers can send requests even 5 min before the departure. Drivers can decide to accept it or not.
Sure. You can set it to recur if you know you might need multiple rides. (for example: every weekend for the next 4 weeks) and reserve a large number of rides in a few minutes. You can even book round rides!
Yes, you can also mark your favorite places by clicking on the yellow star on the callout bubble above the pin. These now show up as blue dots in the system. It simplifies your searches and your agenda.
No, you must receive an invitation by email to be part of a group. Only the group manager can send invitations. Groups allow institutions such as banks, insurance companies, universities, local football teams, (etc) to create and manage their group using their existing email list.
If you want to become a manager, you must make an application. A verification will be carried out and we will then grant you the right to manage a list of members. We will also provide you with newsletters that you can send by email.
The algorithm SeatsPlanet determines the price compared to the distance, the price of gasoline and the price of public transport in your area. it is determined to make the everyday use possible and to motivate drivers to continue to take passengers.
All payments are made automatically at the time of booking.
Transactions are always done online through a virtual wallet. We accept payment by credit card only. we recommend you always use SeatsPlanet to enjoy the support of management and increased security.
Only a 2% for your activity with SeatsPlanet. You will also have to pay for bank transaction fees.
Recharge your SeatsPlanet account and spend it on trips. You can withdraw the money accumulated in a mouse click.
We have thought of everything! That's why we ask the passengers to choose a second driver if this occurs. As soon as you know there is a problem with the first driver, do not hesitate to contact the second and here you go! It will be the first driver who must pay for your ride, having failed to meet his commitments.
SeatsPlanet offers passengers the opportunity to choose a second driver to doubly ensure that he reaches his destination on time. Thus,you can catch him if ever there's s a setback with the first.
Yes. If he sells them all, the system will find you another backup driver .
Yes. This is one of the most important parts of the application, since it is where you can edit or cancel a reservation. The rides are displayed in chronological order according to the information of the journey, date and time to create a timelin. Also, you only need one click to view information of the second driver "just in case", if desired.
You can sync with Google Calendar or Agenda.
The cancellation policy for drivers is 24 hours minimum in advance. Beyond this limit, the passenger will be refunded and the driver will also pay the ride of the passenger up to a maximum of $ 10.
The cancellation policy for passengers is 8h. If cancelled later, the driver keeps paying up to $ 10.
Backup Drivers are paid only if passengers embark with them. There is no cancellation policy for them. However, they are encouraged to cancel their status as soon as possible, to give enough time to the passenger to find someone else.
Yes! Your seats are still available. If your car is full, we will attend to find other backup drivers for passengers.
Drivers and passengers should introduce themselves and show proof of identity. Meet outside 5 minutes before departure and exchange your information. The driver must produce his registration and proof of insurance. Moreover, when a passenger chooses a driver, booking confirmation appears on the screen. This includes the driver's full name , license number and picture, as well as the point of departure and arrival, date, time and walking distance.
Aside from displaying the name before reservations, users have the option to protect their phone number. Before the ride they can choose to communicate solely by text message or messaging system. we want the convenience of our users!
We take the security of our users very seriously, and we understand that people can worry about traveling with strangers. You can report any problems after the journey. If requested, we can reveal the encrypted data about the identification and itinerary to the authorities. You can also refer to user notes based on five criteria. Please be honest by giving these notes, our system is designed to be as transparent as possible to ensure that all users have a positive experience with SeatsPlanet
This service will soon be available in several countries, languages and currencies. You wish to participate in the project? We have job offers on our website.
If you do not find satisfaction in groups, you can return to the previous page and press on select all. If the results are still weak, this means that there is a need to create more users in your area.
If you intend to provide rides on a regular basis, call your insurance to advise them. Make sure you get a confirmation you have given them this information.
It is legal and encouraged! It's transportation which removes cars on the road and which allows people to save time and money.
If you like this project, you can help! Share information by email or via Facebook. If you have an organization / company with a list emails, you can fill out an application to become a group administrator. We also have beautiful videos you can use. All details are on the website.
The cancellation policy is there to increase the reliability of the interface. We understand that things happen that are out of your control. But it is fair to say that this is on both sides. So we won't have you pay for the other user's hazards either.